About me – “Wikipedia-style”

Heidi Himmanen (nee. Joki), born 1979 in Vasa, Finland is a Finnish politician affiliated with the Swedish People’s Party in Finland (SFP – RKP).

Political engagements:

Heidi is a current member of the City Council in Lojo (FI: Lohja). She is also a member of the Committee for Children, Young persons and Families and Chairperson of its Swedish-language sub-committee.

She of the In the Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County, she is a member of the Future and Development Committee.

Himmanen is also a member of the Party Council of the Swedish People’s Party in Finland.


Upper secondary school/matriculation exam in 1998, Korsholms gymnasium, Finland.

Himmanen graduated as Master of Science (Eng.) from Helsinki University of Technology/Aalto University in 2005 and as Doctor of Technology from Turun yliopisto, Finland in 2009, majoring in Telecommunications.


Heidi is employed by the Government of Finland, working with 5G and 6G mobile technologies and transport automation. She represents Finland in a range of national and international industry bodies.

Himmanen did her military service as a conscript at Nylands Brigad in Ekenäs, Finland and at the Reserve Officer School in Fredrikshamn (FI: Hamina). Her military rank is Liutenant in the Reserve.

Himmanen writes columns for the newspaper Länsi-Uusimaa, appearing in västra Nyland / Western Uusimaa.